International 2.4mR event (ONK)

Geplaatst op 23-07-2020  -  Categorie: Evenementen

This year we are proud to be hosting races of the International 2.4mR Class Association. We certainly do hope to make you feel welcome in the small village of Nederhorst den Berg and particularly at our association port at WSV De Spiegel.
We are a non-profit association. All ‘staffmembers’ are member of the association helping to organize our activities. All is done on a voluntary base.
As part of the welcome, we made a leaflet to make you familiar with our facilities and our local governmental rules, as we can only make your visit a success if we’re all familiar with the rules we want to obey during the special circumstances of hosting and organizing sailing races during this COVID-19 epidemic.
We do our utmost best to make this event to happen, however there is still a chance that, due circumstances beyond our control, we have to cancel the event when our local government announces an elevated health risk in this area or for this particular event.


Basic Covid-19 rules:

The basic rules during all visits to our association port:

  • Do not visit the port if you are feeling sick (fever, coughing, having a cold)
  • We want everyone to adhere to the 1,5 meters social distancing rule. Step aside or wait for
    someone to pass if stepping aside is not possible.
  • Follow the instructions in the club and walking routes to and from the bar
  • During the meals, we will divide you in the club, in a way we can organize the meals adhering to the rules.
  • In the club and on the terrace everyone must be seated while having a drink or a bite
  • No shouting is allowed
  • And unfortunately, nor is singing.


We want you to have a healthy, fun and fantastic race experience during this weekend!

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LEAFLET To download the welcome leaflet